Cheap Tyres Southampton

Cars are an important aspect of our lives and sometimes things can go wrong which can cost us a fortune. Here at Tyreshack, we offer the cheapest tyres in Southampton to ensure that you can stay on the road without breaking your bank. Give us a call on 02380 528 528 to order your cheap tyres in Southampton today!

What To Consider When Buying New Tyres

Cheap Tyres Southampton

Whether you need new tyres to pass an MOT, or your tyres have worn out in the middle of the year, Tyreshack can accommodate all your tyre needs. But what do you need to consider when getting new tyres?

Size, speed and load rating

Our tyres come in all different shapes and sizes to suit every model of car individually. It is best to know what tyres you need to ensure you get a quick and speedy service. However, if you’re in a rush or it’s an emergency, you may not know what tyres your car needs. If you bring your car with you, our experts can look at your model and suggest a range of cheap tyres Southampton has available that suits you. Alternatively, we can search your car in our system if you pop in to see us by other means of transport.

Getting tyres in pairs

You may only need one tyre replacing because the tread has worn out, but you should always consider getting your tyres in pairs; this is all because of balancing. If you take one back tyre off then replace it with new, and the other is suffering from wear too, then you may notice that your car isn’t balancing correctly which can result in you having an unstable drive that may cause an accident! Getting tyres in pairs ensures that your car remains balanced for a stable driving experience. Tyreshack can supply cheap tyres in Southampton for you.

Time of year

All season tyres are a standard tyre type that would see you driving well in the summer and the winter, but many people need better handling in the winter months, especially during icy conditions. Winter tyres strive when the roads are seven degrees or less in wet, dry or icy conditions. Winter tyres stiffen up when they reach below freezing point which creates a better grip in snow.

Your budget

This is probably the biggest factor you should consider when buying new tyres; it’s no good buying fancy winter tyres if you simply cannot afford it. Here at Tyreshack, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of tyres. We offer premium, mid-range, premium budget and budget tyres to cater to all different budgets. Many people would advise not to buy budget tyres as the quality isn’t good enough and can cost you more money in the long run by replacing them frequently. However, Tyreshack is proud to offer the best high-quality, cheap tyres Southampton has to offer you.

Tyre Fitting at Tyreshack

In addition to providing the best cheap tyres Southampton has to offer, we also offer a fantastic tyre fitting service. All our technicians are fully trained in addition to being qualified, to deliver you a tyre fitting service that you can be proud of. We only use the latest state of the art equipment to fit your tyres to ensure there is no damage to your vehicle or tyres in the process. We can fit and supply any tyre for any car or van you may have; we have access to over 5000 different tyres at any one time with access to 1000’s more with some notice. Furthermore, we can give you a free tyre check to see if you need any replacement tyres.

Getting Your Cheap Tyres

To get your cheap tyres Southampton can provide you with, pop into Tyreshack and we’ll give you a free hot drink, in addition to access to WIFI as you wait. Alternatively, give us a call on 02380 528 528 and we can order your tyres for you then fit them on in no time. If you would like us to call you back at a convenient time, drop us an email on and we’ll do our best to cater to your availability.