Air-Conditioning Service



How Cold is your Air Con?

Did you know that a car air conditioning system will lose on average approximately 10% of its refrigerant every year. Recharging the air con system means replacing this lost refrigerant; it’s sometimes known as an air con ‘re-gas’. If you notice that your air con is blowing out warmer air than usual or you hear strange buzzing noises from the air con or even a bad smell blowing out, then you could have a possible refrigerant leak, or you’ve simply run out.


Not Just Cold Air!

An air con system does much more than cool the inside of your car. When an air conditioning system is fully-functioning, it helps to filter out pollen, pollutants and airborne bacteria from your car, improving the air quality inside your car.


Get Your Air Con Re-Gas in Southampton

It’s recommended that you should get the air-conditioning system in your car serviced every 2-3 years to keep your air con system clean and cool. Visit Tyreshack today for your air-conditioning re-gas in Southampton and book your air conditioning service for only £59.59 and our engineers will re-gas your refrigerant, lubricate your system and perform any necessary repairs.