Air-Conditioning Service


From £59.50

Every car needs a fully functioning air conditioning system as it keeps you cool in the summer and assists in filtering pollutants from your car. Here at Tyreshack, we offer an air conditioning service and re-gas for both types of air conditioning refrigerant; R134A for £59.50 and R1234YF for £95.00


How Cold is your Air Con?

Did you know that a car air conditioning system will lose on average approximately 10% of its refrigerant every year? Recharging the air con system means replacing this lost refrigerant; it’s sometimes known as an air con ‘re-gas’. If you notice that your air con is blowing out warmer air than usual or you hear strange buzzing noises from the air con or even a bad smell blowing out, then you could have a possible refrigerant leak, or you’ve simply run out.


Not Just Cold Air

An air con system does much more than cool the inside of your car. When an air conditioning system is fully-functioning, it helps to filter out pollen, pollutants and airborne bacteria from your car, improving the air quality inside your car and in turn your overall health.


Which Refrigerant do I Need?

If it’s your first time receiving an air con re-gas, then you may not know which gas you require for your car. As a general rule, all cars manufactured before 2014 will use the R134A gas and since 1st January 2017, all vehicles manufactured will now use the new R1234YF gas because it’s more eco-friendly as reduces the impact that the vehicle will have on the environment. If your vehicle falls in between these periods, then our engineers can help you identify which air con gas you are using.


How do I Know if I Need an Air Con Service?

Your air conditioning system is not covered within your MOT check, therefore any damage may go unnoticed for long periods of time. Because you lose an average of 10% of your refrigerant every 2 years, it’s advised that you get your air con re-gassed to ensure that you’re receiving the maximum efficiency from it. You may need an air-con re-gas if:

  • Your air conditioning system is blowing out warm air instead of cool air
  • Your air conditioning system works intermittently
  • You notice a foul or unpleasant smell being released when you use your air conditioning system
  • You hear any buzzing noises when your air conditioning system is in use
  • Puddles of water form underneath your air conditioning system

With a full refrigerant in your air conditioning system, you can enjoy cold, clean air in the summer and put less strain on your air conditioning system and the engine of your vehicle.


Car Air Conditioning Service at Tyreshack

At Tyreshack, we can offer a complete air con service which includes a re-gas, cleaning and any necessary repairs. If your air conditioning system is releasing a foul smell, then it’s likely that there is a build-up of mould and bacteria within the air conditioning system. Our engineers will perform a thorough clean of your air conditioning system as part of our service, in addition to checking all the components to ensure that they are all in good working order. Once your air conditioning system has received a full service, we will re-gas your air con and you are welcome to relax and have a free hot drink whilst you wait!


Get your Air Con Re-Gas in Southampton

It’s recommended that you should get the air-conditioning system in your car serviced every 2-3 years to keep your air con system clean and cool. Call to book an appointment at Autoshack on 02380 529529 for your air-conditioning re-gas in Southampton from only £59.50 (depending on what gas is required) and our engineers will re-gas your refrigerant, lubricate the system, and apply UV dye to ensure that your air conditioning system is at maximum efficiency.