Wheel Alignment

At Tyre Shack Southampton we aim to ensure that your car drives safely. An important part of this is wheel alignment, also known as wheel tracking. Tyre Shack can provide a FREE wheel alignment check to make sure your car is within the recommended settings. We have 3 industry-leading alignment systems from Hunter Hawkeye that are certified by all major vehicle manufacturers. Get in contact with Tyre Shack today for your local wheel tracking assessment in Southampton.


What is Wheel Alignment or Wheel Tracking?

To ensure a car drives safely, efficiently and behaves as the vehicle manufacturer intended, its wheels must be correctly aligned.

Through everyday driving and factors such as:

  • Hitting kerbs
  • Potholes
  • Excessive wear to steering
  • Excessive wear to suspension

The wheels can become misaligned, bringing a host of tyre-related problems, such as:

  • Irregular tyre wear
  • Handling of vehicle
  • Increasing of fuel consumption

To avoid these potential issues wheel alignment /tracking is essential maintenance to ensure optimum car performance.


How is Wheel Alignment Checked?

During an alignment check, the car’s suspension geometry settings will be measured against the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. If the car’s actual settings are outside of the recommendations, it may be necessary to carry out some adjustment work and return the vehicle to its original settings. This ensures maximum safety and driver comfort.

We specialise in wheel alignment for all types of vehicles and all our wheel alignment services are carried out by trained, qualified and conscientious technicians


Wheel Alignment Systems at Tyre Shack Southampton

Here at Tyre Shack in Southampton we have 3 Hunter Hawkeye wheel alignment systems that are industry-leading and certified by all the major vehicle manufacturers. The Hunter Hawkeye four-wheel aligner uses a series of high-definition imaging sensors which measure 14 primary alignment angles on your vehicle. Because of this the Hunter Hawkeye wheel alignment systems is renowned for its accuracy.


Free Wheel Alignment Check in Southampton

Out of courtesy, we check the wheel alignment on every vehicle for FREE to ensure you maximise the wear on your tyres. This can save you money long term as your fuel consumption may be lowered if wheel adjustments need to be made.


We also offer a FREE complimentary check AND adjust within 3 months after any adjustments are made, to again ensure you obtain maximum wear from your tyres.