Wheel Alignment

Looking for high quality, car wheel alignment services? Come to Tyreshack and we will provide you with a fast and efficient service at an affordable price! We are an independently owned tyre and wheel alignment centre and pride ourselves in building excellent tyre businesses in the Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire areas. With decades of industry experience, our team is dedicated in providing you with all-round professional and accurate service, supplying a range of certified systems so you only receive the best for your vehicle!

What is Wheel Alignment or Wheel Tracking?

We focus highly on car safety and feel it is important to regularly check your wheel alignment.  Wheels can be misaligned through factors such as:

  • Hitting kerbs
  • Potholes
  • Excessive wear to steering
  • Excessive wear to suspension

These affects could cause tyre-related problems like:

  • Irregular tyre wear
  • Quality of vehicle handling
  • Increase of fuel consumption

To ensure optimum car performance and the avoidance of potential issues to your vehicle, wheel alignment is essential. Because of this, Tyreshack offers free wheel alignment checks to all our customers before purchase!

We have 3 industry-leading alignment systems from Hunter Hawkeye, including the four-wheel aligner that uses high-definition imaging sensors, measuring 14 primary alignment angles on your vehicle. Hunter Hawkeye is renowned for its accuracy which is why it is a certified company by all major vehicle manufacturers!

How is Wheel Alignment Checked?

During the alignment process, we measure your car suspension geometry settings and compare them to the vehicle manufacturers recommendations. If your cars’ settings are outside of these recommendations, adjustment work will take place, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for you and your vehicle. We provide realistic pricing for all our services so you receive the best quality at the best price! Obtaining maximum wear from your tyres.

We specialise in wheel alignment for all types of vehicles and all our wheel alignment services are carried out by trained, qualified and conscientious technicians.

Free Wheel Alignment Check in Southampton